Ken Robinson on education’s struggle to modernise

On education

I like Ken a lot. I think what he has to say about education is spot on. But I’m troubled by how he refers to ADHD, he’s a little too dismissive and political. I agree that society itself is responsible in main part for the growth of ADHD diagnosis. But we are undoubtedly different from the norm and need some help with that. We demand that five year old children sit on hard chairs and pay attention to a single person all day. Could you do that, would anyone you know want that? In our quest to measure children we miss the point. We miss the hard to numerically assess areas like independent thinking, team work, problem solving, creativity, presentation and verbal skills in our education and evaluation systems. We disregard skills in which ADHD kids may excel, instead we measure memory and adherence to process. Sad for children, sadder still for the health of society at large.

Insights on a different perspective”

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