ADHD news and discussion forums

//ADHD news and discussion forums

The internet is a great place to meet and discuss ADHD

When I first self-diagnosed with ADHD, reading ADHD forums and websites was a complete revelation. All these other people like me, similar problems but also a similar sense of humour, world views, habits and minds. Living with ADHD can seem lonely so finding people with the same challenges, traits and approach to life as yourself can be a fantastic relief. All these sites have active forums:

  • ADD/ADHD – useful site with active forum
  • ADDFORUMS – largest online ADHD forums
  • TotallyADD – from funny documentary team who made “ADD and Loving It?!”
  • – Answers to questions about ADHD by Patricia Quinn and Kathleen Nadeau
  • ADDitude – Very active online magazine with email news letters, glossy paper magazine
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